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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On finishing the bucket list:


One long-ass, annoying, artificially-lengthened questline and $DEITY I hate farming Elementium so damn much, I am DONE with the AQ questline. Push button, receive shiny Feat of Strength.

On other things:

  • Complete Loremaster.
  • Get Raven Lord mount.
  • Get Twenty-Five Tabards: 
    • Failed. Somehow, I conflated this with Twenty-Five Exalted Reps. Whoops.
  • Get Insane in the Membrane: 
    • Scratched. It will continue to exist, sans Shendralar. I am very pleased that when it was announced that it might not make it, that I was able to unload all of my stockpiled Darkmoon Cards, Pristine Black Diamonds, and Librams for DISGUSTING MARKUP. =3
  • Get a rogue to level 60 to use for Insane in the Membrane.
    • Scratched. See above. Also, couldn't stand doing ANY 1-60 content. I blame Loremaster.
  • beat The Lich King like a rented mule.
  • Get a Venomhide Ravasaur.
  • Run Zul'Gurub as many times as possible in order to try to get the mounts.
    • But, given my luck, I will likely never see one drop.
  • Finish out the holiday events for a VPD.
    • AND I didn't cave and buy super-fast-flap. =3
  • Get an Ulduar drake.
    • Scratched. No raiding. ._.
  • Farm up mats to sell once Cataclysm hits.
    • Will be working on that soon.
  • Farm up a Piccolo of the Flaming Fire for the sake of goldseller griefing.
  • Farm up a Deathcharger
    • There's still hope that it will drop before Cataclysm!
  • Farm up a full set of Dungeon Set 1
    • Scratched. The dungeons aren't going anywhere.

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